Celebrating Woolworths New Zealand receiving the Accessibility Tick

It was indeed a pleasure to award Woolworths New Zealand their Accessibility Tick, recognising their commitment to disability and neurodiversity inclusion.

A collage of photos about Woolworths NZ receiving the Accessibility Tick. Top left - Woolworths NZ Chief Executive Spencer Sonn cuts a cake with the Accessibility Tick logo. NZDEN Chief Executive Phil Turner looks on. Top right - Woolworths NZ Accessibility Tick certificate. Bottom left - Phil Turner presents the Accessibility Tick to the Woolworths NZ team. Bottom right - A cake with the Accessibility Tick logo.

For us at the NZ Disability Employers' Network, it is always a pleasure to see organisations like Woolworths New Zealand lead by example in creating inclusive environments. Their strategic initiatives, such as the "A Better Tomorrow" plan, demonstrate a forward-thinking approach to accessibility and inclusion within their workplace.

The journey towards receiving the Accessibility Tick is a testament to Woolworths New Zealand's dedication to this cause. From joining the New Zealand Disability Employers' Network to undergoing comprehensive accessibility and inclusion assessments, Woolworths has shown a clear commitment to improving their practices and fostering an environment where all employees can thrive.

The awarding of the Accessibility Tick is not just a milestone for Woolworths New Zealand but also a representation of progress for the industry at large. It sends a strong message that accessibility and inclusion are more than just moral imperatives, but also integral to the success and sustainability of a business. Woolworths New Zealand's efforts in this space are commendable, and it was an honour for Sandra and Phil to award them their Tick.

As we continue to work towards a more inclusive society, it's partnerships and acknowledgments like these that remind us of the positive impact we can have when we commit to change. Woolworths New Zealand's achievement is a call to action for other organisations to follow suit and make accessibility and inclusion a top priority.

Congratulations once again to Woolworths New Zealand on this well-deserved recognition. May this be a stepping stone to further advancements in creating an inclusive world for all.