We are on the hunt…

...for our Establishment Board Chair.

Did you know that New Zealand is behind Australia and the United Kingdom for disability employment and labour force participation? As employers, we have an obligation to help improve this.

In early 2020 we started the process of establishing the New Zealand Disability Employers' Network (NZDEN) as its own entity, however, efforts were paused as the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and associated lockdowns broadly impacted all Accessibility Tick members. It is now time to get back underway.

We have prepared a pitch deck that explains why the NZDEN needs to exist and the proposed structure. Please reach out if you would like a more detailed explanation, or require an accessible format.

Our first step towards establishing the NZDEN is to create an establishment board. This board is to be made up of chief executives from member organisations who are prepared to refine and commit to a shared purpose, such as the following working draft: “New Zealand organisations realise the true potential of disabled and neurodiverse people, to the benefit of everyone.”

We are now calling for expressions of interest in the NZDEN Establishment Board Chair. More details in the draft role description to the side.

Do you think your organisation's chief executive (or equivalent), or someone else you know, would like to make a real difference for disabled and neurodiverse people in New Zealand?

We are looking for someone who -

  • Understands the value of the NZDEN and can connect to its purpose
  • Will utilise their strong personal and professional brand to draw other chief executives to join the board
  • Will bring their strategic thought and influence to ensure the success of the network
  • Can meet the requirements outlined in the draft role description
A lady presenting to a room of people with a slide on the screen that reads How does the Disability Employers Network work? How does it all lead to cultural change?

The why...

Our slide deck explaining the pitch.

The Who...

The draft role description for the Establishment Board Chair.