NZDEN Training Series Dates – Q1 2024

Q1 Training Series for 2024

The NZDEN is pleased to announce the training series dates for Q1 2024. Our training programmes are designed to enhance understanding whilst providing practical skills for advancing accessibility.

The programmes cover a wide variety of topics with the intention of supporting individuals within organisations who are advocating for accessibility best practices.

These trainings series are a great way to connect with others on their accessibility journey, the disabled community, and the NZDEN.

To book your training, you can speak with your NZDEN contact, click the links below, or email us at .

We look forward to welcoming new faces and returning ones to begin or continue your accessibility journey with us.
The trainings are divided into two broad areas- Accessible Communications and Disability Confidence.

The Accessible Communications range includes:

Accessible Communications Training with Microsoft Suite 20 February – Attendees will discover best practices for creating accessible Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint documents.

Creating Accessible Documents with Adobe InDesign: 22 February – Participants in this hands-on, practical course will learn how to produce more accessible PDF’s using the Adobe InDesign software.

Accessible Social Media 18 March – Joining in on this interactive session, on creating accessible social media and discovering the significance and benefits of accessible content.

The Disability Confidence series covers:

Disability Confidence: Unlocking Inclusive Recruitment 16 February – Equipping attendees with the knowledge and tools to create a recruitment process that’s accessible to all candidates.

Disability Confidence for Leaders 8 March – Offering a fresh perspective on disability and neurodiversity, empowering people to become the leader they aspire to be, at any level in their organisation.

Disability Confidence: Customer Services 14 March –This training will boost your team’s confidence in delivering outstanding services to all customers.

Event Accessibility Masterclass 27 March – Dive into this comprehensive masterclass, designed to ensure your events are welcoming for everyone, including disabled and neurodiverse individuals.