Event Accessibility Masterclass

A conference room set up ready to invite people. There are wide clear aisles between the tables. The Accessibility Tick logo is projected on the video screens.

Welcoming Disabled and Neurodiverse people to your events

Navigating the complexities of event planning? Dive into our comprehensive masterclass, designed to ensure your events are welcoming for everyone, including disabled and neurodiverse individuals.

This training emerges from a commitment to foster inclusive spaces, rooted in respect and understanding for every attendee's unique needs.

From selecting the perfect venue, ensuring digital accessibility, to fostering inclusive communication strategies, this masterclass covers it all. You'll be equipped with a thorough checklist, carefully curated to ensure every aspect of your event, from invitations to emergency planning, adheres to the gold standard of accessibility and inclusion.

Some key takeaways include:

  • Guidelines for venue selection, emphasising physical and sensory accessibility.
  • Crafting invitations and communications that resonate with all.
  • Tools and tips for audio-visual presentations that cater to diverse needs.
  • Catering and menu considerations that serve everyone.
  • Ensuring safety for all, with a focus on accessible emergency protocols.

Delivered by the NZDEN after years of running their highly inclusive Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference, this training goes above and beyond, ensuring you are well-prepared to create memorable events that truly welcome everyone. Join us to make accessibility and inclusion the cornerstone of your events!

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Hosted by the NZDEN, these trainings are available to everyone.