Accessible Communications: Microsoft Suite training

Person sitting in front of a computer at a desk. On the screen is an Microsoft Word document. At the bottom are the Microsoft Word, Powerpoint and Outlook logos.

Accessible Communications: Microsoft Suite

Word, Outlook and Powerpoint

Are you using the built-in features of the Microsoft Suite to make your communications accessible?

Join our Accessible Communications: Microsoft Suite Training to discover the best practices for creating accessible Microsoft Word, Outlook, and PowerPoint documents.

Learn fundamental techniques and for creating accessible documents using the Microsoft Suite, ensuring your communications are inclusive for all audiences in both internal or external communications.

Key topics covered:

  • Understanding the different types of assistive technologies and their uses.
  • Learning how to optimise font choice, hyperlinks, colour contrast, and plain English.
  • Maximise the value of images through correctly using alternative text, ensuring they convey information effectively for all users.
  • Understanding how layout affects readability and accessibility.
  • Using headings and styles for readability and navigation.
  • Identifying how to make tables accessible.

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Hosted by the NZDEN, these trainings are available to everyone.