Shared Commitment

The New Zealand Disability Employers' Network and its members each commit to the following -

Our vision

New Zealand organisations realise the true potential of disabled and neurodiverse people, to the benefit of all.

Our commitment to each other

Our overarching commitment

We work together to move our organisations, and New Zealand, toward full inclusion of disabled and neurodiverse people.

New Zealand Disability Employers' Network's commitment

As the lead body for employers on disability and neurodiversity inclusion, our team are committed to:

  • Supporting your continuous improvement
  • Ensuring that accessibility and disability inclusion is at the heart of what we do
  • Providing the best advice we can on disability and neurodiversity inclusion
  • Facilitating your connection to the right people and organisations at the right time
  • Sharing best practices and insights
  • Continually evolving our organisation to meet your needs

Member commitment

Members are expected to:

  • Have a strong commitment to continuous improvement in disability and neurodiversity inclusion
  • Actively use their membership to support this improvement, driving change in their organisation
  • Be honest and open in communications about their experiences implementing better disability and neurodiversity inclusion at their organisation, so we can work together to drive change
  • Contribute to the shared growth and knowledge of the network
  • Provide us with feedback on their experience with the network so that we can continuously improve