Accessible Recruitment Community of Practice -Consulting with Disabled People Organisations and Sector

A Pasifika woman with blonde curly hair hold up a contract to view with a mixed race man with black hair and beard

The NZDEN's first Community of Practice (CoP), Accessible Recruitment, have developed a strawman model of how inclusive recruitment may be able to work better.

Members of the Accessible Recruitment CoP have now started the process of presenting the strawman model to disabled persons organisations and disabled support organisations for feedback.

We hope to spark a conversation that will lead to a more candidate centric recruitment process.

Interested in finding our more about the strawman model for the Accessible Recruitment CoP? Check out the links below for the supporting materials members will be using to have the discussions.

Want to be a part of this exciting mahi? Why not join us for the Accessible Recruitment Community of Practice April meeting? All NZDEN members are welcome.