Pre-conference workshop now available via Zoom

Banner for Pre-conference workshop 'Re-imagining recruitment' 10 August. Has circle reading Virtual tickets now available. Logos for New Zealand DIsability Employers' Network and Accessibility Tick are on the bottom.

Virtual attendance tickets for our Disability Inclusive Pathways conference 'Re-imagining recruitment' pre-conference workshop are now available.

Do you have recruiters in your organisation who would benefit from thinking about how they are recruiting disabled people? Then this is the perfect half day event to get them to.

A system is only likely to be a success if the needs of all stakeholders are considered. In the recruitment of disabled people, there are always two key stakeholders. The disabled person, and the employer, in particular the recruiting manager/team.

The Re-imagining Recruitment Pre-conference Workshop is an opportunity to explore the needs of the disabled/neurodiverse person and employer throughout the recruitment process.

Attendees will work to understand the needs of all stakeholders and collaborate on designing solutions that can be implemented in their own organisations.