Accessibility and Disability Confidence Trainings in the Bay of Plenty

Phil Turner and Rachael Parkinson-Turner recently had the pleasure of delivering a series of accessibility and disability confidence training sessions in the beautiful Bay of Plenty region.

Over 130 staff members from Tauranga City Council and its Council Controlled Organisations participated in four comprehensive training sessions. In addition, the team at Sudima Hotels Rotorua engaged in two dedicated sessions.

The workshops covered essential topics such as Accessible Communications, Accessible Events, and Disability Confidence in Customer Service. Participants received guidance on everything from disability etiquette to branding guidelines. The goal was to enhance attendees skills and confidence, enabling them to better meet the needs of their diverse communities.

It was incredibly encouraging to see so many accessibility champions actively participating in these sessions. We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who hosted and attended the trainings. A special mention goes to Tan Phuangdokmai for his exceptional organisation and coordination of the multiple sessions across Tauranga.

We are thrilled to announce that Tauranga City Council is now a proud member of the New Zealand Disability Employers' Network (NZDEN) and Accessibility Tick programme, further underscoring their commitment to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment for all.

Discussions are already underway for more training sessions in the Tauranga region, reflecting a strong and ongoing dedication to accessibility and disability confidence. We look forward to continuing our collaboration and expanding our reach to support even more communities.

Want to explore receiving training for your organisation and/or region? Reach out the NZDEN to find explore what would work well for you.

A room full of people seated at tables. At the front of the room and man and woman stand introducing themselves. They are Rachael and Phil from the NZDEN.
Phil and Rachael delivering an Accessible Communications training in Tauranga
A man stands beside a large screen with the words "Don't make assumptions" projected on it. A number of people seated at tables are facing the screen, listening to the presentation.
Phil during a Disability Confident Customer Services training
Looking toward a lake on a blue sky day, through a large yellow frame mounted on the ground. The frame has the words # Sudima Hotels, Lake Rotorua on the top and bottom.
Sudima Rotorua was the host of two Disability Confident Trainings