NZDEN Posters for your staffrooms

Make your NZDEN membership known!

Download our eye-catching posters from the NZDEN Downloadable Resources page in the Members Area on our website and display them in your staff rooms throughout New Zealand. These posters are a fantastic way to inform your colleagues about the NZDEN community and the exclusive resources available to your organisation as a member.

By placing these posters in common areas, we can ensure that every employee is aware of the support and information at their fingertips, through the NZDEN. It's a simple yet effective way to foster a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

So, don't delay! Visit the Members Area, grab those posters, and let's get them up where they can spark conversations and inspire participation.

Ngā mihi nui for your support and collaboration!

Poster design 1
Poster design 2