A series of side on silhouettes of people from the shoulders up, each one a different colour of blue, pale green, yellow, or orange. Each person's brain is filled with different images. From left to right- graphs, molecular structures, numbers, dots, wires, flowers, musical notes, cogs, and connected dots and lines.

Neurodiversity@Work COP – 23 September 2024

Do you have an interest in understanding how your organisation can better understand neurodiversity?

They NZDEN Neurodiversity@Work Community of Practice is an opportunity for members to connect and explore the world of neurodiversity in the workplace.

The agenda for this meeting will be to provide a platform to understand the different types of neurodiversity and to discuss what has worked for you or your neurodiverse team members and what hasn't.

Date and Location

Date: Monday 23 September 2024, 10.00am - 11.30am

Location: Zoom