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A hand turning pages of a dictionary.

The Importance of Language in the Disabled Community – blog by Harriette Morgan

The disabled community has a very specific language, filled with nuances that can change meanings or even cause offence. Seemingly innocuous word choices can have a huge impact. The choice between ‘people with disabilities’ and ‘disabled people’. The difference between ‘for’ or ‘of’. The variance between ‘hidden disability’ and ‘undisclosed disability’. Just to name a few.
Yellow banner with purple text reading: NZ Disability Employers' Conference, 2023 Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference, 10-11 August, Auckland.

The start of an exciting line-up of conference speakers revealed

Unveiling the first of an exciting line-up of speakers for Conference 2023! We are delighted to unveil the first wave of distinguished speakers, panelists, and convenors for the 2023 NZDEN Disability Inclusive Pathways conference. This year’s event promises to be…

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