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Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference 2021 - Speaker presentations and supporting information

Links will download presentation in PowerPoint format.

Putting Candidates and Employers at the Centre of Disability EmploymentPhil O'Reilly talked about the reasons we need to have both employers and candidates at the centre of disability employment.Phil O'Reilly ONZM
Inclusive Recruitment - reflecting on the needs of both stakeholdersPhil Turner used these slides to take us through a guided session on how we reflect the needs of all stakeholders in the recruitment process.Phil Turner
Hidden Disabilities Sunflower SchemeWhat is the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Scheme and why does it make a difference?Selwyn Cook
The Value of NZSLAn overview of NZSL history in New Zealand, understanding about the two perspectives on being Deaf. Practical solutions on how to make your organisation/service NZSL-friendly. Gain knowledge of resources available in relation to NZSL.Victoria Lessing
Westpac iSign initiativeLearn about why Westpac have made NZSL available to all their members.Jared Hutcheson
How Google Gets Disability Inclusion Programmes Right An interview with Christopher Patnoe on what Google does to embed disability inclusion in their organisation.Christopher Patnoe
NZGEN General Meeting - Planning the Future for NZDENThe future plans for establishing a New Zealand Disability Employers' Network.Phil Turner
Making Your Disabled Employee Group Work WellBrendan from Purplespace gave some pointers about setting up and running a disability employee network.Brendan Roach
Harnessing the Power of Neurodiversity in our WorkplacesCallum ran us through how to make the best use of diversity in our organisations. "DIVERSITY’s Great, but Diversity doesn’t guarantee a better performing organisation; rather, the culture of the team is what can affect how well diverse orgs perform. We have to make better use of that diversity."Callum McKirdy
Managing Fatigue in the WorkplaceJohn provided us with some food for thought around mental health in the workplace.John Eatwell

Additional supporting information from Callum McKirdy