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Person sitting in front of an iMac computer at a desk. On the screen is an Adobe InDesign window with document that reads: Designers should always keep their users in mind. Only then can you create truly innovative solutions.

Creating Accessible Documents with Adobe InDesign



Wednesday 22nd May 2024



9.00am - 12.00pm




Are you considering accessibility when creating your documents using Adobe InDesign?

Participants in this hands-on, practical course will learn how to produce more accessible PDF's using the Adobe InDesign software.

Aimed at Designers and Content Creators, and Communications and Marketing teams the course's learning objectives include:

  • Recognising the barriers faced by disabled people in accessing documents 
  • Identifying accessible and inaccessible content 
  • How to accessibly group and structure written content in InDesign 
  • Understanding color contrast and legibility 
  • How to add information to images to support users assistive technology
  • How to improve the accessibility of PDF’s exported from InDesign


General $190 +GST
NZDEN Members $152 +GST or 2 Training Credits*

*Training credits available to our Inclusion, Empowered and Legacy tier members, subject to availability. Please contact your relationship manager if you have any enquiries.

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Facilitator - Rachael Parkinson-Turner

A pakeha women with medium length red-brown hair and glasses.

Rachael Parkinson-Turner is a highly experienced graphic designer who has developed an unwaivering passion for accessible communication. 

Driven by her commitment to promoting accessibility, Rachael has sought training from renowned specialists in accessible communication from around the world. Now, she is excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to New Zealand, empowering professionals to create visually compelling and accessible content.

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