Disability and Neurodiversity Consulting

We bring together the experience and knowledge of New Zealand's leading employers and disability experts, ensuring that the disabled voice is prevalent at all times.

Our team and our network of partners are committed to supporting organisations on their unique disability and neurodiversity inclusion journeys, providing strategic and practical support across all areas.

  • Commitment

    Getting your organisation's leadership and culture committed

  • Recruitment

    Becoming a disability and neurodiversity confident recruiter

  • Employee Support

    Providing the best experience for everyone in your workplace

  • Career Development

    Ensuring that disabled and neurodiverse people reach their full potential in your organisation

  • Products and Services

    Assisting your product teams to develop products that maximise their usability by everyone

  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

    Connecting your ICT team with the best practices and advice

  • Communications and Marketing

    Maximise your market reach and inclusion through ensuring that you are accessible

  • Physical Environment

    Ensuring that your workplace and customer areas work for everyone

  • Suppliers and Partners

    Helping you to ensure that your suppliers and partners are reflective of your organisation's values

  • Increasing Board and Executive Representation

    Support in moving your organisation towards have a board and executive representation reflective of the 24% of New Zealanders with a disability