Communities of Practice

The NZDEN Communities of Practice (COPs) are member led and focus on specific skillset areas.

Each community of practice looks to further the disability-inclusion outcomes in their own fields of expertise by partnering with disabled people, experts, and other stakeholders.

Members gain the experience of learning from all stakeholders while jointly playing a role in developing what good practice looks like in the New Zealand context.

We are always on the lookout for passionate people willing to co-ordinate our next community of practice.

Map of New Zealand created with illustrations of diverse people including disabled people.

Upcoming COPs

To access presentations and resources from previous NZDEN Communities of Practice, please log in to the Members Area.

Accessible Recruitment

Focussed on sharing their experiences, learning from all stakeholders, the NZDEN Accessible Recruitment COP is growing the understanding of what truly disability and neurodiversity inclusive recruitment practices should be in New Zealand.

Three people looking at a computer. The one sitting in front of it is in a wheelchair.


An opportunity to connect and explore the world of neurodiversity in the workplace. Understanding what neurodiversity is and how it can impact an individual, team, or organisation.

A series of side on silhouettes of people from the shoulders up, each one a different colour of blue, pale green, yellow, or orange. Each person's brain is filled with different images. From left to right- graphs, molecular structures, numbers, dots, wires, flowers, musical notes, cogs, and connected dots and lines.

Digital Accessibility

Following our conference in August we will be establishing the Digital Accessibility COP which will focus on establishing agreed inclusive and good accessible online practices in Aotearoa.

A finger pressing the enter key on the keyboard, but the enter key is green and now reads WCAG Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Future Communities of Practice

We won't be stopping with our recruitment, neurodiversity and digital COPs. We have plans for more, such as -

  • Customer and Service Users
  • Disability Inclusive Procurement
  • Physical Environments

Register your interest in any of these, or all of them. When the minimum limit is reached, we will get it underway.

A group of diverse people standing in a circle all putting one hand in to the middle.

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