Alone we can do so little;
together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Who are we?

The NZDEN represents a collective of employers committed to being better employers, serving our customers better, and playing an active part in supporting disabled and neurodiverse people to succeed in their communities.

We are committed to our vision: 'New Zealand organisations realise the true potential of disabled and neurodiverse people, to the benefit of everyone'.

We all continue to grow our understanding of the value of disabled people to us as employers, but also the value they bring for all of Aotearoa.

Why the NZDEN?

As individual organisations we struggle to create the broad knowledge, skillset and connections to implement good disability an neurodiversity inclusion programmes.

Together, we are pooling our resources to support a specialist team who we can then use to support our individual organisations' journeys.

Honouring "Nothing about us without us"

We realise that this needs to be done in partnership with disabled and neurodiverse people.

We partner with organisations from across the disability sector to ensure that we are working with disabled and neurodiverse people to create a New Zealand that works for them, allowing them to realise their personal aspirations.

ILO Global Business and Disability Network

The network is recognised by the UN’s International Labour Organisation’s Global Business and Disability Network as the key New Zealand body representing businesses in their disability inclusion and accessibility journey.

Accessibility Tick logo

Home of the Accessibility Tick Programme

Members may choose to commit to continuously improving their current practices through our Accessibility Tick programme.

Our team

We have a growing team, each connected and committed to disability and neurodiversity inclusion in their own way.

A pakeha man (Phil Turner) with short brown hair, green eyes and wearing glasses smiling.

Phil Turner

Chief Executive

Head shot of a woman, Sandra Budd. She has short hair, glasses, and is smiling warmly at the camera

Sandra Budd

Senior Relationship Manager

A pakeha women with medium length red-brown hair and glasses.

Rachael Parkinson-Turner

Communications, Marketing and Events Manager


Harriette Morgan

Office Administrator


Chris Hays


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