A larger group of people with their hands up in an NZSL wave
Attendees of NZDEN's inaugural Disability Inclusive Pathways Conferenc, July 2021.

The New Zealand Disability Employers’ Network is a network of NZ employers committed to improving their disability inclusion and accessibility practices.

We are committed to our vision:
“New Zealand organisations realise the true potential of disabled people, to the benefit of everyone."

Members of the network seek to:

  • Bridge the disability career gap;
  • Break down the accessibility barriers to equitably serve all; and
  • Inspire others to action.

Disability employment gap

Recent labour market statistics show New Zealanders with disabilities are 3 times less likely to be employed than their non-disabled peers. The difference between employment rates of disabled and non-disabled people is called the disability employment gap. New Zealand’s disability employment gap is currently 47.8%. We’re changing that!

Inclusive workplaces

An inclusive workplace is not only physically and technologically accessible, but also breaks down social barriers and changes attitudes. For many job seekers with disabilities, discrimination and lack of support stop them from finding and keeping a job.

The benefits of an inclusive workplace extend beyond supporting employees with disabilities. A disability inclusive workplace:

  • increases productivity;
  • enables a larger pool of talented people to apply for, maintain, and advance through employment; and
  • leads to an expanded customer base.

1 in 4 New Zealanders identify as having a disability. If organisations are not inclusive and accessible, they could be missing out on a quarter of the market.

Current members commit to continuously improving their current practices through our Accessibility Tick programme.

Join us for the second NZDEN Disability Inclusive Pathways Conference 'Unlocking True Potential.
Registrations are open now.

  • 10 August - Pre-Conference Workshop
  • 11 - 12 August - Conference
  • Novotel Lakeside Rotorua


Supported by:

  • Accessibility Tick

Latest news

Banner for Pre-conference workshop 'Re-imagining recruitment' 10 August. Has circle reading Virtual tickets now available. Logos for New Zealand DIsability Employers' Network and Accessibility Tick are on the bottom.

Pre-conference workshop now available via Zoom

Virtual attendance tickets for our Disability Inclusive Pathways conference ‘Re-imagining recruitment’ pre-conference workshop are now available. Do you have recruiters in your organisation who would benefit from thinking about how they are recruiting disabled people? Then this is the perfect…

2022 Disability Inclusive
Pathways Conference

'Unlocking Full Potential'

10 August - Pre-conference workshop
11-12 August - Conference

Novotel Lakeside Rotorua